graphic works | sketch
I was born in Latvia, raised in southern Russia. I and my family moved to Germany when I was sixteen years old. I've been a dreamer and creator since I was a kid, always exploring first neighborhood now the world. Writing and fine art were my way of self-expression and escape difficult Russian reality, depression. My parents noticed my early passion for fine art. They took me to an afternoon school for visual arts in Russia, which I had visited for four years. Later, I graduated from Visual Art Highschool in Frankfurt, Germany. Today, I am a holder of a Master Of Science in architecture. However, I graduated to realize It is not who I am and want to be. I decided to travel the world for a better understanding of myself. After three months of solo backpacking through Southeast Asia, I ended up living in Los Angeles for a year. I had a full-time job in the architectural office there. A couple of years before that, I had noticed my growing interest in tattoo art. I decided to make a career change and started an apprenticeship in a tattoo shop in Los Angeles.  Today I work fulltime as a tattoo artist across Europe and other spots in the world. My style is focused on the abstract mix of graphics, geometry and realism.