realistic | color | black & grey

I`m Riccardo

My tattoo Journey starts in 2014 at the “fashion look academy In Rome”where they though me the basic of tattooing. That was a safe environment that helped me to start with the right foot, taking care of the hygienic standards and yeah how to set up my working tools. I was very passionate and since the first moment I’ve understood that I’ve really found something that I was willing to learn at all cost and that was what I wanted to do in my life. In the last 4 yeas I’be been travelling in Europe and in Australia to learn new techniques. My favourite style is realism and portraits BnG/Colour but I also love to use other style like geometric ornamental, neo Trad and mix them together making a new unique style. I like to tattoo what I see, as a painter, building layers and texture. Looking forward to inflict you some sweet pain.

Ciao Riccardo